Jenny Lind Gala Concert
Malvern Civic Week 2013
Jenny Lind in 1848: daguerreotype by William Edward Killburn, London. The Royal Collection © 2009 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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Chopin's Dream, Malvern, England, 13 July 2013
World premiere presented by Icons of Europe

The Dream of Chopin
Jenny Lind Gala Concert – music with a story
Chopin and Jenny Lind's secret and tragic romance

Daniel Blumenthal, piano
Jennifer Simpson, mezzo soprano
Cecilia Jorgensen, narration

The Concert Script (& more)

Daniel Blumenthal, the renown American pianist and musical advisor to Icons of Europe, playing at the Jenny Gala Concert in Malvern, 13 July 2013.
Jennifer Simpson, mezzo soprano who will perform at the Jenny Lind Gala Concert at Malvern, 13 July2013.
Cecilia Jorgensen, Swedish co-founder of Icons of Europe and narrator at the Jenny Lind Gala Concert at Malvern, 13 July 2013.

Chopin's Dream / Jenny Lind Gala Concert:  new booklet by Icons of Europe.

Chopin's Dream cover:  Polonez Chopina, watercolour by Teofil Kwiatkowski, c. 1859

The complete Gala Concert script (& more) now available as a paperback Chopin's Dream.  Discover Jenny Lind's real identity and the depth of her relationship with Chopin. - Researched and written by the co-founders of Icons of Europe.

>> At Amazon (with page view)
>> Video snippets of the concert

Cecilia Jorgensen narrating the Jenny Lind Gala Concert 2013 in Christ Church, Malvern, England.

Chopin's Dream:  Daniel Blumenthal and Jennifer Simpson performing "The Maidthe en's Wish at the Jenny Lind Gala Concert 2013 in Christ Church, Malvern, England.
Daniel Blumenthal and Jennifer Simpson performing The Maiden's Wish
by Chopin, Jenny Lind Gala Concert, Christ Church, Malvern, England.

Chopin - a section cut from Delacroix' double-portrait of Chopin and George Sand (at Louvre). CHOPIN about Jenny Lind (19 August 1848):
"We did not leave the piano from nine till one in the night".

UNESCO (2 August 2012):
"Culture isn't fragile heritage or lavish recreation.
It's a force for renewal and progress, an economic sector".

@La_JennyLind tweet (16 April 2013):  "Malvern's IDENTITY provides a platform for innovation in all sectors - research business spas education arts ...".

«.Malvern: bridging the past and the future.»

... Jenny Lind Gala Concert in
Christ Church, Malvern, England

Enjoy - learn - get intrigued and inspired
by this synthesis of music, voice, research and multimedia.
The new research:  "The reality surpasses imagination".

Concert programme with the Mayor's welcome
News release of Malvern Civic Society
Press article on the Gala Concert | One more

Saturday, 13 July 2013, 7.30 pm – c. 9.15 pm
Venue:  Christ Church, Malvern, Worcestershire, UK.
Concert in context of Malvern Civic Week, 13-20 July.

Christ Church, Malvern will house the Jenny Lind Gala Concert produced by Icons of Europe for Malvern Civic Week 2013.
Christ Church, Malvern housed the Gala Concert, showing how JL's legacy continues to inspire great artists and new talent:  a synthesis of music for piano and voice, investigative research and multimedia. Chopin's heart is sealed in a pillar of the Holy Cross Church, Warsaw.

Feedback on the Gala Concert

  • "It’s being talked about as the best concert in Malvern for a long time." (concert guest)
  • "... the concert could inspire the community in many different ways." (concert guest)
  • "It was a memorable event, wonderfully put together – and one certainly full of remarkable revelations". (concert guest)
  • "Wonderful!  Heard it was a roaring success."
  • "Thunderous applause and a standing ovation".
    Malvern Gazette, 19 July 2013 (article 1)
  • "Chopin and Jenny help week off to dream start".
    Malvern Gazette, 19 July 2013 (article 2)

Chopin's Dream:  Daniel Blumenthal, piano and Jennifer Simpson, mezzo soprano at the Jenny Lind Gala Concert "The Dream of Chopin" in Malvern, UK on 13 July 2013 staged by Icons of Europe.
Daniel Blumenthal played the Steinway concert grand piano.

Christ Church, Malvern promotes "international understanding".²
The acoustics of Christ Church, Malvern are known to be excellent.
English Symphony Orchestra performed in this church, March 2013
(whereas Chopin declined playing with London Philharmonic 1848).
The Telegraph article marvels on "magical concerts" in churches.
Recalling Edward Elgar:  The Dream of Gerontius, Op. 38 (1900).

Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale
She lived since 1883 at Wynd's Point in the Malvern Hills, where she died in 1887.  She was buried at
Great Malvern cemetery to Chopin's Funeral March. Remarkable artworks commemorate her today at important places in Europe, America and Asia:

Biographical summary |
JL portraits | Statements on JL²
The arts for Jenny Lind |
BBC film 2010 |

Book in 2003
Chopin and
The Swedish Nightingale

by Icons of Europe
£20 + postage | Pls contact us
Revenue to Icons of Europe TB Fund

Chopin's life seen through his letters and the discovery of his romance with Jenny Lind.  She raised funds in London in 1848 for the Brompton Hospital for Consumption.  Chopin apparently died of TB in Paris in 1849.

"This biography is a novelty in the book market not only because of the beautiful quality of the publication, but also because of content". Chopin in the World

Chopin's Dream (now available)
Jenny Lind's real identity and more
Buy it here | About us

Jenny Lind in the media

- JL biography, Icons of Europe research
- Twitter
@La_JennyLind |
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- Bishop Stanley, Norwich (1837-1849)
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- UK minister to review Civic Week, 4 June
- Republican American, 27 June 2013
² Jenny Lind was a friend of the Archbishop of Dublin, the Bishop of Norwich, the Dean of Westminster Abbey, and the Canon of St Paul's.
³ Media / BBC film credit:  "Jenny Lind material based on original
research by Cecilia and Jens Jorgensen, Icons of Europe, Brussels".

The Jenny Lind locomotive, the first of a class of ten steam locomotives built in 1847 for the London Brighton and South Coast Railway.The Jenny Lind locomotive of 1847:  Brighton London and South Coast Railway.  Jenny Lind sang in Brighton, 30 October (concert) and 1 & 3 November 1848 (opera).


Jenny Lind's memorial plaque in Poets' Corner of Westminster Abbey, next to Händel and Shakespeare (placed in 1894). In Poets’ Corner at
Westminster Abbey, a plaque
placed next to Händel and
Shakespeare in 1894
commemorates Jenny Lind.

Jenny Lind's tomb at Great Malvern cemetery, Worcestershire, UK.

Jenny Lind's tomb at the
Great Malvern cemetery.

125 years | Biography
JL at Malvern Museum

Malvern Civic Week, 13-20 July 2013

Organized by Malvern Civic Society.  Theme: «.Malvern: bridging the past and the future.».  It.acknowledges the legacy of Jenny Lind who died 125 years ago at Malvern where she is buried, commemorated by the Mayor and Malvern Civic Society on 2.November 2012.*

Fryderyk Chopin: Duchy of Warsaw

Icons of Europe's book Fryderyk
Chopin: Duchy of Warsaw is under preparation.  Initial research findings were endorsed by Polish and British Chopin experts and noted by BBC 2010 and Sweden's Musikverket (government institution).

Artworks decoded:  Europe America Asia

Artworks in Paris, Krakow and Singapore portray Chopin with Jenny Lind, shows research by Icons of Europe (click photos). 

Chopin and Jenny Lind's romance is also reflected, with a hidden symbolism, in media other than sculpture and painting (fairytale,  biography, essay, opera, ballet and film), now decoded by Icons of Europe's research.

Portraits of Jenny Lind are included in the Royal Collection Trust (UK), National Portrait Gallery (London), National Museum (Stockholm), and Library of U.S. Congress.
Chopin's tomb at Père-Lachaise, Paris with Clésinger's monument of a weeping woman (Jenny Lind, says Icons of Europe).

Statue of Chopin adorned by a woman resembling Jenny Lind.  Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.

Sculpture of Chopin by Jacques Froment-Meurice at Parc Monceau, Paris, 1906.  Icons of Europe has concluded that the woman portrays Jenny Lind.
 “La Mort de Chopin”;  detail of print based on the 1885 oil painting by Félix Barrias (at National Museum Krakow).  Icons of Europe considers that the woman in white is Jenny Lind.   Chopin sculpture near the Symphony Lake in Singapore Botanic Gardens by the Polish sculptor Karol Badyna, 2008.  The woman resembles Jenny Lind, says Icons of Europe.

Jenny Lind - focused on Chopin: Click each!
Chopin in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris
Wagner's artistic relationship with Jenny Lind

Since 1996, Jenny Lind's portrait adorns the Swedish 50-kr banknote (referring to Bellini's Norma).Jenny Lind adorns
today the Swedish
50-kr banknote
Hans Christian Andersen, 1847

"Through Jenny Lind I first became sensible of the holiness of Art. Through her I.learned that one must forget one's self in the service of the Supreme.
No books, no persons, have had a more ennobling influence upon me as a poet than Jenny Lind."
Dating from 1875, the Victorian bandstand in Priory Park of Malvern has been adopted as the logo of Malvern Civic Society.* TWIN TOWNS:  The idea of linking the twin towns
Mariánské Lázně (formerly Marienbad), Czech Republic
and Malvern, Worcestershire was initially "instigated"
by Malvern Civic Society - a bold vision shared with the
Mayor of Malvern.  Both towns are renowned for their
economic enterprise, health spas, and culture and music.


The bandstand in Priory Park Malvern
(photo provided by Malvern Theatres).
Jenny Lind (1820-1887) and her German husband Otto Goldschmidt (1829-1907), both buried at Great Malvern cemetery.Jenny Lind (1820-1887)
and her German husband
Otto Goldschmidt (1829-
1907), both buried at
Great Malvern cemetery.
About Icons of Europe's research

"... useful contribution to the body
of knowledge about the final
stage of Chopin’s life."
Chopin experts, Warsaw 2004

".. new information not previously
known to exist."
Edinburgh University, 2005

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