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Important news from Icons of Europe are reported on this website;  day-to-day developments via our Twitter accounts @IconsEurope @ChopinFryderyk and @KarlXII_Sverige

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 Charles XII of Sweden (1682-1718):  the mystery of his death now resolved by Icons of Europe.  Not yet published:  "KARL XII: Kungamord", book researched by Cecilia Nordenkull with editorial support by Icons of Europe.  

24 November 2017
Jens Anker Jorgensen, co-founder of Icons of Europe became a member of the
European Shakespeare Research Association (ESRA).

1 May 2017
Certain institutions in Sweden and Norway are being consulted on a proof of
the next book Karl XII: Kungamord.

30 November 2016
Cecilia Nordenkull-Jorgensen, co-founder of Icons of Europe became a member
of Karolinska förbundet, Stockholm.

1 November 2016
Tweeting at @KarlXII_Sverige in preparation for the publication of the new book.

1 September 2016
@ChopinFryderyk has become by far the most active Chopin account on Twitter.

15 April 2016
Our research on Karl XII / Charles XII of Sweden reinforced by a visit to Norway.

10 January 2016
Test of weekly information: « CHOPIN | in the news » launched at Paper.li.
(disconnected end of 2016)

1 January 2016
This website has been restructured for your convenience. - Happy New Year!

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"Des découvertes étonnantes sur Chopin - importantes pour la Pologne et pour l'Europe." - @NohantFrance
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