Chopin and The Nightingale Toronto
The musical drama brings out
the "seamlessness" of great culture

Belgium Icons of Europe based in Brussels
Canada Mazurka in A-flat in Canada 1940 -1959
China Chinese emperor in HCA's The Nightingale
Denmark H.C. Andersen's story The Nightingale
France Chopin's last years in Paris, 1848-1849
Germany Music by Giacomo Meyerbeer
Italy Music by Vincenzo Bellini
Japan Japanese emperor in HCA's The Nightingale
Norway Jenny Lind singing The Echo Song
Poland The life and music of Chopin
Russia Jenny Lind nearly going to St. Ptbg in 1850
Spain Mazurka arrangement by Pauline Viardot
Sweden Jenny Lind and Chopin, 1848-1849
United Kingdom Chopin in England and Scotland, 1848
United States Jenny Lind's triumphal tour in 1850-1852

Queen Victoria

"The drama ingeniously brought together historical and musical elements from all over Europe ... to bring out the seamlessness of great European culture."

H.E. Mr Charles Crawford, British Ambassador to Poland, writing to his government after the Warsaw premiere on 6 April 2004.

Synopsis of the drama