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Chopin and Jenny Lind
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Chopin and Jenny Lind. Sculpture of Chopin by Jacques Froment-Meurice at Parc Monceau, Paris, 1906.  Provenance and meaning have been researched by Icons of Europe.
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- PL government & SE emb. 2003
- Dir. FC Museum, Warsaw 2003
- Chopin in the World 2003-2004
- NIFC roundtable, Warsaw 2004
- Swed. Embassy, Warsaw 2004
- University of Edinburgh 2005
- Prof. M. Tomaszewski 2005
- Honorable NIFC advisors 2006


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Etching of Fryderyk Chopin by Teofil Kwiatkowski;  from Frederick Niecks' biography of Chopin.Ongoing book project
Le Rêve de Chopin
by Cecilia Jorgensen

Outcome of
2002-2013 investigative research
of secrets in 19-20th century music history
soon to be unveiled (2005 research mandate).
Wikipedia/Chopin: manipulated & inaccurate.

>> New book | Paper 2005 | Fr. Niecks | PL

"Polonaise, Rêve de Chopin", watercolour and gouache on paper by Teofil Kwiatkowski, 1859. National Museum at Poznan.
^ Teofil Kwiatkowski, "Rêve de Chopin", 1859;
the new book will explain its symbolism.
<< Monument, Parc Monceau, Paris (FC/JL)
Clésinger's initial drawing of 6 Nov. 1849 >>
Artworks shrouded in mystery and myths now decoded.
BBC says:  "... the Swedish opera star Jenny Lind, who so affected Chopin in the final years of his life."BBC TV documentary
Chopin film 2010
at YouTube (90 minutes)
Recom'd: @ChopinFryderyk

With Icons of Europe participation:
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Clésingers's initial drawing of 6 November 1849 for Chopin's tomb at Père-Lachaise.

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Chopin and The
Swedish Nightingale

Chopin's life seen through his letters:  Buy the book
Chopin2010 recitals: Brussels Lasne Paris Nice
The Royal Ontario Museum at Toronto, the venue of the Canadian premiere of "The Composer and The Nigtingale" in 2005.Musical drama

Chopin and The Nightingale by Icons of Europe:  Brussels Warsaw Toronto N.Y. 2003-2008 Ambassador patronage:
Poland's culture and national heritage

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74, Rue de Chaillot

Chopin's apartment was located in the space above the court yard of Hôtel Prince de Galles, Avenue George V.
Proof | Event | Le Figaro
Chopin / Orpheus

Waclaw Szymanowski's sculpture of Chopin recalls Orpheus sitting under a 'tree uprooted by the power of his music', says Icons of Europe.
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"Fryderyk Chopin is a Polish icon", says Andrzej Sulek,
director of the
Fryderyk Chopin Institute (March 2010).

"Hiding the romance created complicity among monarchs
and inspired artists.  It could today be celebrated."
@La_JennyLind, cc: @FryderykChopin, 8 April 2012