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Tuberculosis:  today "among WHO's highest priorities"
By buying this biography, you help to fight tuberculosis!It is generally acknowledged that Chopin in 1849, only 39 years old, died of tuberculosis.  TB was then known as 'pulmonary consumption'.  This infectious disease has re-emerged as a massive global challenge in the 21st century.

Dr J.W. Lee: "... among WHO's highest priorities"

Dr Jong-Wook Lee, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO), signed in 2003 this comment on the inside cover of Icons of Europe's biography, "Chopin and The Swedish Nightingale":

"The fight against the great infectious killers - HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria - must remain among WHO's highest priorities."

The founders of Icons of Europe have, as authors and publishers of the biography, dedicated its income to the fight against tuberculosis.

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About Chopin's illness

Chopin may have contracted TB at an early age.  Three months after Jenny Lind met Chopin, The Times reported that she raised funds for a new eastern wing of the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, London through her morning concert at Her Majesty's Theatre on 31 July 1848.

Chopin writes later in a letter of 22 November 1848:  "Sir J. Clark the Queen's doctor came once to see me".  It must have taken Jenny Lind's royal connections to arrange that.  Sir James (1788-1870) was a specialist in pulmonary consumption on which he wrote a paper in 1835.  He had written a paper on "The Influence of Climate in Chronic Diseases" in 1829.

According to the Royal College of Physicians:  "In 1834 he [Dr Clark] obtained, via recommendation by the King of the Belgians, the appointment of physician to the Duchess of Kent.  The appointment involved the medical care of Princess Victoria.   Accordingly, this led to a large increase in his business and reputation.   Upon Queen Victoria's accession to the throne in 1837, Clark was appointed the Queen's physician in ordinary, and was created baronet."

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A genuine Polish 5000-zloty banknote is enclosed with the Deluxe version of the book.

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.bono co-production of their Chopin / Jenny Lind musical drama and a Chopin / Bellini concert in Toronto on the occasion of World TB Day 2005.

VIP guests received a complimentary copy of "Chopin and The Swedish Nightingale" with the DG/WHO inscription.

The association of Chopin with tuberculosis is endorsed by the Fryderyk Chopin Institute and Polish ambasadors.